Certificate in Life Science Management

The MIBE programme offers you the opportunity to achieve a superior certificate in Life Science Management.

The need for a transformational change in many healthcare systems and the pace of innovation in the domain of life science requires new distinctive skills and capabilities. Hence, students of this concentration will be future leaders in this field. These leaders will be able to master breakthrough innovation in health and social care, as well as to drive the global change the healthcare and life science sectors require.

Students interested in sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biology, bioengineering, regulation and related sectors can benefit from the concentration in Life Science Management of the MIBE programme.

The aim of this concentration is to provide the student with a set of skills, such as business analysis and planning, health and social care management, technology assessment, and transfer, as well as patenting in organizations operating in the healthcare and life science sectors, which are immediately applicable to the field.

Internationally renowned Professors and keynote speakers will elicit students’ capabilities. To mention a few names, Prof OBE Ian Cumming (CEO, Health Education England) will share with students his knowledge on leadership in healthcare. Prof Marie-Pierre Gagnon (Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada) together with Prof Nicolas Martelli (Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou and Université Paris Sud, Paris, France) will address practices to develop cutting-edge Health Technology Assessment.

In order to be eligible to gain the Certificate in Life Science Management, students are required to pass all the following exams:

  •  Healthcare Management,
  •  Innovation & Technology Law,
  •  Applied project management and agile methods,

during their MIBE programme.

Moreover, students will be given the opportunity (and required) to work in a real business environment for a traineeship in one of the healthcare and life sciences organizations associated with this Certificate.

It is also required to attend the Winter School “Discovering the unknown: AI in healthcare”

Finally, students will be involved in a master thesis on a topic related to healthcare and life science management to exploit their knowledge and skills gained during this concentration.