Lectio aula Foscolo
What are the deadlines to apply?

See the deadlines to apply and subsequent deadlines at this link.

How can I get admission to the course?

A score is calculated according to the criteria you find at this link

Elegibility to enroll is assigned with a minimum score of 32 points (see next questions for further details). If the seat is available, the student is admitted to the course and can proceed with the enrollment.

What is the minimum score required to access the course?

A minimum score of 32 points is required for the first phase  of applications. See details at these links:

Can I calculate my own score?

Yes, you can. See evaluation criteria at this link with relative bonus for each element.

When is the place effectively occupied?
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The place is considered occupied only after full enrollment (having scored 32 points and been admitted is not enough to secure the seat). The final step is the enrollment and payment of the enrollment fee.

I was not eligible to enroll in the first phase of applications. Can I re-apply for the second round of applications in case there are seats left from the I round?

Yes, you can. See all the details in the bando at this link


What are the admission requirements?

For the admission requirements, see ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

How is the requirement related to the English language satisfied?

It is satisfied having one of the following:

  • an English language exam during the Bachelor degree worth at least 5 credits
  • Bachelor's degree taught in English.
  • Holding one of the certifications (at least B2 level) listed here
Should I have some knowledge of Italian?

Italian is not necessary for the course, as lectures and all related activities are in English. However, it would be advantageous to have some knowledge of Italian for your daily life in Italy.

Italian language knowledge is however recommended for the II year of the course, in case you would like to apply for an internship or work in Italy, as most companies require some knowledge of the Italian language.

For some information on Italian language courses please see
this link

What are the fees to be paid?

Fees are defined on a yearly basis between April and June. An application and tuition fee must be paid.

For detailed info, see this link

Can I have some useful information about coming and living in Pavia (visa, accommodation…)?

You can find some useful information to organize your stay in Pavia at the following link:

Where do I find information on how to apply for my thesis defense?

Students eligible for the thesis defense examination should consult the Master’s Degree thesis guidelines.