MIBE is a Master Programme – Master of Science (MSc) | Laurea Magistralis – entirely taught in English which covers two academic years (4 semesters) and comprises activities for a total of 120 ECTs credits.

MIBE develops managerial capabilities for the governance of change within complex as well as multinational contexts. The program is inspired by principles related to: Exponential Organisations, Design Thinking, Global Culture & Diversity as a value, Agile Management, Digital Transformation, Lean Startup as a mindset for both small and giant companies, entrepreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship.

MIBE focuses on core topics in the area of International Management/innovation/Entrepreneurship, and then spreads out into three possible curricula: “International Management“, “Digital Management”, and “Sustainable Management”.

MIBE Curricula
Environment protection
This curriculum is aimed at providing students with cutting-edge knowledge, soft skills and a leadership approach on the management of corporate sustainability practices throughout the business value chain. Students will be provided with valuable, hands-on, career-oriented learning from internationally renowned leaders from the field and visiting professors, in order to enter the job market with a global perspective on sustainable management.

Career Opportunities include but are not limited to: Chief Sustainability Officer, ESG Analyst, Head of non-financial reporting, Sustainability manager, Sustainability consultant, Sustainable/Circular entrepreneur, Sustainable supply chain manager, Sustainable analyst, ESG specialist
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This curriculum is designed to develop managers and consultants which bring their A-game within international contexts. It provides students not only with a wide knowledge of management theories but also with the skills necessary to apply this knowledge in multi-country and cross-cultural contexts, thus preparing them for a rewarding career in business and the strategic management of international organizations and multinational companies.

Career Opportunities include but are not limited to: Country/Export manager; Business Development Manager; Analyst of international markets; Marketing manager; Project Manager; Management consultant; Business Analyst; Global Entrepreneur.
This curriculum provides students with the managerial and analytical skills to help them understand the dynamics and potential of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation, including topics like: Web- and IT-based start-ups/companies, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech & Blockchain Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Implications of Industry 4.0 and in general management of Hi-Tech. Basic principles of Coding (e.g. Java Scripts & Python) are taken into consideration.

Career Opportunities include but are not limited to: Data Scientist & Big Data Analyst, Digital marketing, Innovation Manager, Chief Innovation Officer / Chief Technology Officer / CIO, IT Project Manager, entrepreneur & digital entrepreneur.