Read our former Mibers' experience of being a Miber! 

Jola Dybkowska
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship MIBE- Pavia _JOLA DYBKOWSKA

I knew from every beginning that enrollment to MIBE was a life-changing decision for me.

Beyond an interesting curriculum in a field where a saw myself in the future, the possibility of blending the Italian experience with another foreign country via Double Degree Program undoubtedly confirmed my belief that seizing such an opportunity is worth trying.

Two degrees in two years already sound like a huge amount of work to handle but it also makes you go out of your comfort zone for a while. It definitely shapes your character and helps you work under the pressure,  not even mentioning acquiring a huge amount of useful knowledge. Finally, it lets you meet people from all around the world sharing the same experience as you do and to form wonderful bonds which will last even once the university is over.

I am grateful that my hard work was awarded with two titles- valedicatirian of the specialisation and the winner of the best case study award - during the graduation ceremony. I will always remember that everything started with my application to MIBE and I am proud that I could become a worthy representative of the University of Pavia in France.

Daniele De Martino
Daniele De Martino_MIBE testimonial

"My time at MIBE has been an incredible journey, filled with growth, learning, and unforgettable moments.

What sets this program apart is its forward-thinking curriculum that goes beyond traditional learning, along with its strong international focus. Moreover,  its supportive environment provides the perfect backdrop for everyone’s studies.

Thanks to its strong international orientation, I had the chance to spend my second year at EM Strasbourg Business School in France, through the Double Degree program. Through this experience, which gave me a broader perspective on global business practices and cultures, I fulfilled my life-long dream of studying abroad.

The cherry on top of this experience came with the nomination as best-in-class student of the entire master’s program during the graduation ceremony which took place in Strasbourg last March.

Receiving this recognition fills me with pride and gratitude and I’m extremely glad to have been a valuable representative of the University of Pavia abroad."

Eleftheria Saiti
MIBE Pavia_ Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship University of Pavia

The Master in International Business and Entrepreneurship (MIBE) was more than just a degree for me; it was a journey that expanded my worldview and professional skills.

Meeting people from all over the world at MIBE gave me a wide range of viewpoints, helping me understand how global business works.

The curriculum, a perfect balance between theory and practice, pushed me to think beyond conventional boundaries. It honed my analytical abilities, essential in the complex world of business.

Group projects and interactions with industry experts during the program were particularly transformative, offering insights that textbooks alone could never provide.Networking and real-world experiences at MIBE opened doors to incredible opportunities, shaping my professional approach.

This journey of innovation, learning, and global connections at MIBE was pivotal in leading me to my current role as an Audit Assistant in one of the world’s leading audit and consulting firms in Milan.

Annalisa Zanchetta
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship MIBE- Pavia _Applications

"I started MIBE more than 10 years ago and I still feel so connected to that wonderful time!

During the University time I had the opportunity to spend one year in Pavia and eighteen months abroad: studying in Odense Campus in Denmark, and then working as an intern in a multinational company based in Stuttgart, Germany.

I think that the international context that a MIBE student live from the first day is a great and powerful opportunity to exploit for the personal and professional growth. 

This helped me to be selected for a "Graduate Program" within a Multinational Company based in Milan,  just right after my Master degree. 

After nine years of professional experience, five positions and three different locations , today I cover a managerial role in the Strategic Marketing Team as Southern Europe Project Manager.

I can only say that MIBE is for sure a choice that I would do again!"


Calvron Wachter
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship_MIBE_Pavia

My MIBE degree and being a MIBEr is what set me apart from the other candidates when applying for jobs. My two years in Italy were incredible, and I'll never forget it.


Daniela Quintanilla Segovia
MIBE Pavia_ Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship University of Pavia

I just graduated from the MIBE program under the International Management track, and it has become one of the best decisions I made for myself and my future.

I got to meet alot of amazing people from all over the world, study abroad in Italy which was a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and learn everyday innovative skills that will remain in me for the rest of my professional journey.

In the end, what started as a dream became a reality and it is an honor to be part of the MIBE community and to have a place in Italy that I can call home.

Delila Custovic
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship MIBE- Pavia _Applications

MIBE is a great experience that opens a lot of doors for international students. Courses are perfectly designed so the students can learn theoretically and apply it by doing different projects from the real business world. The professional and friendly approach from the MIBE team; the administrative office, professors, and colleagues, left a strong impression on me that I would recommend this experience to anyone.

The program can provide students with international opportunities since the university itself has a lot of offers for Double Degrees and Erasmus+ programs by which they can finish their studies in other countries. Both the Double Degree and Erasmus+ programs took me to Germany where I spent the 2nd year of the MIBE program and thus enabled me to obtain two degrees in two years. I am truly thankful for this journey and to all the people who participated in it.

Felix Mader
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship MIBE- Pavia _Students testimonials

MIBE takes a clear stance: For aspiring leaders only. In an increasingly digital, international and sustainability-demanding world, this means taking responsibility for your actions: on a small scale, but also on a large scale! This is what fascinated me and drew my attention to MIBE. The programme delivered exactly on that promise - students quickly learn to take responsibility especially in the context of integrated projects and use unconventional approaches to address problems in the 'practical' world.

What particularly excited me? MIBE is a pioneer when it comes to future orientation - I was able to gain valuable skills regarding innovation and sustainability.

Where did it lead me? The insights I gained during the programme created a solid foundation for my own entrepreneurial endeavours. I decided to work on founding a company with impact orientation and stakeholder approach - right after graduation. The time in the charming student city Pavia allowed me to broaden my horizons and taught me the valuable lesson 'con la pazienza s'acquista scienza' - this patience to acquire knowledge and wisdom I will take with me as a way of life. It might well be possible that the university slogan 'il sapere che ti cambia la vita' becomes a reality…


Atdhe Ajdini
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship_MIBE_Pavia

I completed the MIBE programme in 2022. I am originally from Stuttgart, in southern Germany. I like to describe my “mission of life” as being a responsible-minded entrepreneur.

I chose the MIBE programme, because I was looking for an international- and future-oriented programme with focus on entrepreneurship. In the retrospective, MIBE and the University of Pavia proved to be the best decision!  The programme laid the basis for my entrepreneurial journey, particularly with the cornerstone topics of sustainability, innovation, and international entrepreneurship.

During the programme I have acquired applicable skills through the project works within interesting and “ahead-of-the-time” courses. What I am especially grateful for are the social and interpersonal relationships that develop and last beyond the study period. Noteworthy are the relationships with international fellow students, the direct contact with professors and the strong assistance in administrative aspects.

I am looking forward to providing a case study for the programme and to encourage future MIBErs to be leaders of a meaningful change in our society and the world!

Giulia Garbagna
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship MIBE- Pavia _Applications
As a former Miber, I can confirm that earning a Master's double degree in MIBE is a highly valuable achievement that can open many doors in the field of international business and entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the deep understanding of the global business landscape, including the challenges and opportunities that arise when conducting business across borders, I have been facilitated in attending the Real Madrid MBA in sport management, which is providing me with numerous contacts in the world of sports.

This degree demonstrates the ability to take on challenging coursework and successfully navigate complex business scenarios. Overall, in my opinion, MIBE is a significant investment in one's future that can lead to exciting opportunities and professional growth in any field.'

Julia Nagaikina
Master Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship_MIBE_Pavia

MIBE has been a turning point of my life. Coming from another country with humanitarian bachelor degree, MIBE gave me what I was looking for: solid knowledge of Digital marketing & Innovation management, possibility to study within international environment and to apply theoretical background into practice. With certainty I can say that MIBE is a foundation for my fast-growing consulting carrier. Thanks to knowledge gathered and entrepreneurial spirit nurtured during classes, I continue to challenge my-self and innovate within my company’s boundaries.This attitude has been helping me thought all projects I lead: from implementing a tailor-made omnichannel strategy via digital product development to an eCommerce set-up & management.