Internships, labs and practice courses


The internship aims at developing the student’s skills thanks to a real work experience. During the second semester of the second year, the student will have the opportunity to either take 2 elective courses, or take 1 elective course plus an Internship, the workload of which will be converted into credits (6 credits).

PLEASE NOTE : the internship should be taken during the second semester of the II year.

Students can decide between:

  1. Internship
  2. Degree Plus 

Mind not to confuse these two opportunities, because each one of them has its own procedures!


Description and requirements

Ideally a MIBE internship should:

  • be selected in your study plan during the second year, to be part of the 12 elective credits (replacing one of the two elective courses)
  • be worth at least 400 hours of work and lasting at least 3 months 
  • be started and completed in the II semester of the II year
  • be in line with MIBE contents (the internship “job profile” must be in line with what you are studying at MIBE)


As from 1st May 2024, in line with the standard internship & registration of UNIPV internships, 150 hours of work will appear in your transcript (elective activity) as associated to the 6 credits internship registration; the remaining number of working hours will  appear as extranumerary in the transcript


There is the possibility to have both elective courses replaced by a longer internship (12 credits) ONLY FOR:

  • Students taking part to the Degree Plus
  • Double Degree Students (incoming and outgoing) who have an internship of 12 credits in their Learning Agreement, as per the agreements between the 2 universities


How to find an internship

  • MIBE Team will send internship offers/possibilities to your university email account whenever they are aware of them
  • Get in contact with C.O.R. ( to check open opportunities
  • EXPLOIT opportunities by taking part to MIBE special events
  • FIND an internship opportunity yourself


How to activate the internship

Please have a look at this PRESENTATION 




Internship opportunities may also be found through the Erasmus Traineeship programme. Please note this programme can only be worth 6 credits. Check info at the following links:

Erasmus Traineeship (ITA)

Erasmus Traineeship (ENG)

Typically, two different “calls for admission” at Erasmus traineeship programme will be published throughout the academic year.

Further assistance in finding the right company for your internship is available at the following section:

Trova l’impresa ospitante (ITA)

Find your hosting organization (ENG)

Degree Plus
LM Plus

What is ‘Degree Plus’? (“Laurea Plus”)

Degree Plus is an innovative learning experience developed by University of Pavia – first in Italy – straddling classroom and real job. According to it, the MIBE degree will last five semesters – one more than the four normally planned – two of which will consist in  challenging, qualified and rewarded internships with our firm partners.

Degree Plus is reserved to a few selected and talented students. The call for application is usually published in September and it’s for MIBE students only, enrolled in the second year.

The selection process works as follows:

  • Online application in September via C.O.R. website: students have the possibility to select their preferences among the MIBE’s partner companies;
  • First selection is done considering the number of ECTS achieved, the average grade of exams, the CV and relevant experiences/projects;
  • Selected candidates will be asked to perform the interviews with the companies chosen: firms may decide to run either one interview only or two or even to interview candidates in groups;
  • Once all the companies have completed the interviews, the process of matching candidate/firm will take place, keeping in mind, as far as possible, each candidate’s preferences;
  • The final list of candidates and corresponding companies is published and selected students will have to formally accept the offer in order to finalize the process. In case a student refuses, the next student on the list will be selected.

The whole process (selection and offers acceptance) will take up to two months, normally from September to November.

The internship may last 12 months and it will start in the first months of the following solar year, a few months after the selections.

Learn more about the special program “Degree Plus (Laurea Plus)”

Projects LM+ – internship opportunities (2023)

Selection results (2022)


The ‘Plus’ of Degree Plus at MIBE

  • High level paid Internships (12 months)
  • Two reference letters from companies at the end of Internships
  • Detailed Appraisal of Personal Skills and matching with job opportunities
  • Access to our Talent Development Program
  • Special Lectures / Events
Internship opportunities at Henkel

Henkel offers multiple opportunities for an internship dedicated to Business students. For details, go to the link, or watch the video.